Who We Are

Cyber Safe Consultants (CSC) are an independent specialist security consulting and remediation firm specialising in the area of Insurability. With a combined 37 years’ experience in the IT industry and 23 years’ experience in specialised insurance solutions, CSC are able to, using Global IT and Insurance standard, analyse our customers Information Technology (IT) security environments and ascertain the associated risk and vulnerability.

Providing a comprehensive IT security risk assessment for our customers, insurers, brokers, underwriters and reinsurers CSC are able to provide our customers with one off or continuous risk assessments and remediation resulting in substantially less IT security and cyber-attacks. CSC partner with specialised Insurance Brokers and underwriters to lower IT security risk insurance premiums and have in house legal resource ensuring compliance with local legal regulations relating to protection of data and information privacy laws.


Continuously monitor and adapt to the changing Global IT Security and Insurance environment. Accordingly, build and provide only the best Skills in our business. Thereby enabling us to deliver only the best global solutions to our clients and creating an environment of personal growth and development for our valued staff and high returns for our shareholders.


As Cyber Crime climbs to second most reported economic crime, Cyber Safe Consultants thrive on providing our customers with the best understanding and analysis of their IT environments, ongoing analysis, remediation and insurance. Allowing them to focus their resources on their own business goals and imperatives, rest assured that they are, not only, cyber safe but also insured.